The Rural Workshops in Târzii Village, Vaslui County

The Social Rural Workshops run by Stories Kingdom World Association

The Children from Târzii Village, co-ordinated by Priest Nicolae Roșca

A social project conducted by Association Stories Kingdom World.

Even if heartsick, he joined his colleagues

He wanted to contribute to the humanitarian campaign organized for him.

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Stories Kingdom Was Born. What Was to Be Done?

Stories Kingdom was born now. What was to be done? Oh my god, I had so many ideas! I had a purpose to follow, but I wasn’t sure at all what I had to do. I stepped into a totally unknown world, I was basically walking into darkness, but I had the confidence of a blind that I’m on the right path. A lot of ideas came through my mind, although apparently chaotically. I put all the ideas down eagerly. I was working on the project of my life, a project that was leading to my mission in life, but I didn’t know that at the time.
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02nd Sep 2015

As in fairytales, a piece of wood brings life. The Story of Wood Carver, Emanuel Honț and all about his art

It is quite. Over the large area of waters, in Danube Delta, it hears slowly the rustling waves. At the horizon, shiny, just as a yellow line, the Sun announces his appearance.  Slowly, step by step, that yellow line turns in orange and streaked with a smile the Danube, then its reflection in water lights the reed.
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28th Aug 2015

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The Project Page for Beneficiaries. Model

Association Stories Kingdom World
07th Mar 2016

News. What Does Being a Volunteer Mean?

We welcome enthusiastic, cheerful volunteers to get involved i
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27th Aug 2015

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Association Stories Kingdom World is a non-governmental organi
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21st Aug 2015

Children helped by us!

Gratitude does not express in words

Gratitude does not express in words, but in tears and smiles sprang from the hearts.

A possible future mathematician

A possible future mathematician, if his talent would have grown.

Valentina is a little girl raised by an old woman

Valentina is a little girl raised by an old woman, who became her mother and grandmother.

The youngest sad child that I met

The youngest sad child that I met is a girl.